CNN – Salem Republican Debate Schedule – December 15, 2015

CNN Republican Debate

CNN Presidential Republican Debate With New Criteria This Time

The GOP candidates seem to be all set for next week’s CNN Republican Debate at The Venetian in Las Vegas. The big news has arrived yet again from the real estate magnate (and controversy magnet) Donald Trump, which reveals that his plea of $5 million payment to appear at the upcoming GOP debate sponsored by CNN has been declined by President Jeff Zucker.

The December 15 Republican Debate has a new approach of selecting the main stage candidates i.e. early state polling strength. The new criteria would need candidates to secure at least 3.5% in national polls and fulfill any of the two other requirements: at least 4% in Iowa state polls or at least 4% in New Hampshire state polls.

What to expect at the GOP Presidential Debate?

As per the next Republican Debate Schedule, this would be the fifth GOP Presidential Debate which CNN suggests as the “Commander in Chief” debate. The reason for this is the debate moderator who is known for his “foreign policy chops”. It’s pretty obvious that the contenders would be taking heavy blows of foreign policy questions at the debate.

For your information, this would be the first Republican debate post the aftermath of the November Paris attacks.

What date is the next GOP Presidential Debate happening?

This year’s last GOP Presidential Debate is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

Where is the location for CNN/Salem Republican Debate?

The CNN/Salem Debate will be hosted at ‘The Venetian’ located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada.

Where to watch GOP Presidential Debate online?

The Las Vegas GOP Debate can be live streamed online for free on the CNN websites. The network has been allowing free live streaming since its last hosted September Republican debate.

Which candidates are attending the CNN/Salem GOP debate

After filtering the White House hopefuls through CNN’s Dec 15 Republican Debate criteria, these candidates are likely to make the cut:

Main Stage (9)

Donald Trump

Ben Carson

Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz

Jeb Bush

John Kasich

Rand Paul

Carly Fiorina

Chris Christie

Undercard Stage (4)

Mike Huckabee

Rick Santorum

Lindsey Graham

George Pataki

While Christie has always scored more than 5% in the qualifying polls and more strongly in New Hampshire, Paul and Fiorina are the most in danger of slipping to the undercard segment. Talking about Jim Gilmore, it could be heartbreaking for him as he may just not qualify for either of the two stages.

Who are the moderators for CNN/Salem Presidential Debate?

CNN would go with the same questioners who participated in the previous hosted Reagan Library GOP debate with a change in the moderator selection.

Moderator : Wolf Blitzer (CNN news anchor)

Questioners : Dana Bash (CNN chief political correspondent) and Hugh Hewitt (conservative talk radio host)

Who are the sponsors for upcoming GOP Debate?

CNN would be preparing the stage for the Republican candidates with Salem Media Group as the co-sponsor alongside Facebook.

What time is the CNN/Salem debate today?

Although some Republicans were of the opinion to phase out the secondary debate, there would be a stage alive for the “1 percent” (undercard) candidates. The GOP debate time would be as follows:

Prime time : 9 pm ET

Secondary time : Yet to be announced