Fox Business-Wall Street Journal Republican Debate Schedule – November 10, 2015

Fox Business GOP DebateFox Business Swears to Host a Better GOP Debate than CNBC

Fox Business Network (FBN) and Wall Street Journal (WSJ) joint-hosted upcoming GOP Presidential Debate is slated to be held in Milwaukee, WI at the Milwaukee Theatre on Tuesday, November the 10th, 2015.

The big catch of this debate is the towering tension arising between the presidential candidates and Republican National Committee (RNC) over the debate structures. The RNC has terminated opening statements from the FBN Debate, and now the candidates will only get 30 seconds to deliver their closing statements. Likewise, the GOP hopefuls will get 90 seconds to answer each question of the moderators and 60 seconds to handle rebuttals.

What to expect at the GOP Presidential Debate?

“Real Debate with Real Questions.” Fox Business promised to cut away unneeded statements and put up a good show at the next GOP Debate than CNBC via a commercial. It was too easy for the next Republican debate host channel to step on the pedal of CNBC’s widespread criticism from both the RNC and presidential candidates, “CNBC never asked the real questions, never covered the real issues.”

The debate will hold its focus on the “economy and our future” theme throughout both the prime time and undercard contests.

What date is the next GOP Presidential Debate happening?

November 10, 2015 is the upcoming Republican Debate date scheduled as per the official announcement made by FBN and WSJ on October 27, 2015.

Where is the location for Fox Business/WSJ Republican Debate?

The Milwaukee Theatre in Milwaukee, WI will present the live action of the 4th Republican presidential debate.

Where to watch GOP Presidential Debate online?

The debate slated according to 2015’s next Republican Debate Schedule can be watched “live” on the authorized channels of FBN and

Which candidates are attending the Fox Business/WSJ GOP debate?

Prime time candidates : Republican candidates with an average score of 2.5% or more at the four Fox Business’s national polls conducted until November 4, 2015 should be through to the main stage 9 pm ET debate.

Undercard candidates : In order to be at least invited at the 6 pm ET contest, candidates scoring less than 2.5% will need to crack a minimum of 1% in any of the four Fox Business recognized polls conducted through November 4, 2015.

Who are the moderators for Fox Business/WSJ Presidential Debate?

Prime time moderators : FBN Managing Editor of Business News Neil Cavuto, Global Markets Editor Maria Bartiromo & WSJ’s Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker.

Undercard moderators : FBN’s Sandra Smith, Trish Regan & WSJ’s Washington Bureau Chief Gerald Seib.

Special edition anchors : Lou Dobbs for Lou Dobbs Tonight, Neil Cavuto for CAVUTO: Coast to Coast & John Stossel for Stossel.

Who are the sponsors for upcoming GOP Debate?

FBN and WSJ have joined hands to hold the sponsorship for the Milwaukee Theatre Republican Debate Schedule.

Recently, Fox News had openly criticized CNBC on Twitter for their below par hosting performance at the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB) GOP Debate. In this event, FBN might feel a little pressurized to raise the bar in the next debate, though they seem to be confident.

What time is the Fox Business/WSJ debate today?

Unlike the CNBC presidential debate, the FBN/WSJ one will not have the danger of axing the undercard counterpart. The main debate will bring the top-tier candidates on stage at the “cream” time of 9 pm ET (8 pm CT, 6 pm PT) while the undercard candidates will have the less focused GOP Debate time of 6 pm ET (5 pm CT, 3 pm PT).