How Do I Get CNBC Republican Debate Tickets?

How Do I Get Tickets For October 28 CNBC Republican Debate?

State affiliate Colorado Republican Party had made the CNBC Republican Debate tickets available on its official website via the page Debate Ticket Raffle from Monday, September the 14th to Wednesday, October the 14th. If you’re a student of the University of Colorado, Boulder and have missed to fill the online raffle entry form, you still have a chance to secure a ticket to attend next CNBC Republican Debate.

However, you must find yourself extremely lucky to grab a seat at CU’s Coors Events Center, the CNBC Debate location. While a release says the tickets are still getting finalized and more details (like CNBC Debate Ticket Price/Cost) are awaited to be posted on their website, CU has opened only “50” seats for students so far.

“It’s outrageous that the Republican Party has chosen to shut University of Colorado students out of the October presidential debate on their own campus,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms.

The media is already heated up with Republican Party’s decision of low student representation at the October GOP Debate. The question that still remains is — How will CU stand up to its liberal reputation and how much will be the role of student body at the Debate?

“It really feels like they don’t feel like our vote or input is important at all,” says a University of Colorado student. “It’s almost that they’re like ‘This is a private event, it doesn’t concern you.’”